After Death Cleaning Services – What Does It Entail?

after death cleaning service, bloody floor

One of the few certainties in life, death is inevitable. Unfortunately for everyone, we will have to have some experiences with death, whether our own or that of a loved one. For many, this final moment of life comes when they least expect, a heart attack in bed, or some other natural disaster. When people die at home, for whatever the reason, one of the things that must be taken care in the immediate aftermath includes cleaning up the home following the death. This time on the blog, we are going to go over after death cleaning services, what you can reasonably expect, and what’s necessary so that life can continue.

After Death Cleaning Services – Why is it Necessary

When the natural functions of the body fail, the intricate balance that keeps us put together starts to break down. The body cools, the blood pools, the body stiffens. The living microbes, the enzymes, and bacteria that exist inside the guts and in the world begin to break down the body. The body changes colors to green, purple, black. The bacteria create a gas the smells terrible and cause the body to bloat.

These processes create a biohazardous environment, as we have talked about blood, bodily fluids, and material potentially carry infectious diseases. For people to resume living in a place where someone has passed, rigorous after death cleaning services are necessary to sterilize and create a safe environment.

What Constitutes After Death Cleaning Services

As you might imagine, with that kind of a mess, the cleaning needed is pretty intensive – it’s not something you can take care of in an afternoon. The restoration or biohazard clean up company you hire, like BIOClean Team, will likely have a lot of intensive work ahead of them.

First, the team will assess the scene, looking for the potential areas of contamination. Much of the interior of homes are filled with porous objects. The carpet itself, couches, cushions, all of that can allow blood, etc. to seep in. Any furniture, flooring like carpet, or wall coverings will need to be removed. If they may have come into contact with the remains they may have been contaminated.

Using commercial grade cleaning agents, the crew will disinfect and clean the scene, destroying all potential biohazards in the process. All blood and biological material are removed, the area is sanitized and disinfected. Stains are removed, decontaminants are used, and deodorizers are applied to remove any foul lingering smell (which there no doubt will be).  This is the most critical part of the entire job.

All of the removed material and waste is disposed of in compliance with the state and federal laws to ensure there is no biohazard danger to anyone else.

All of this is done with the necessary gear (such as our PPEs) and up to the highest standard of health and safety in the industry, for both the workers and the inhabitants of the affected space.

When the space has been properly cleaned by a professional, you can then begin the process of moving forward. It won’t be easy of course, loss never is, but with a safe home to live in you can start putting the pieces back together.

Should you ever need after death cleaning services, you will want to reach out to someone you trust. It’s a trying time already and working with a company that is disreputable, cheap, or otherwise out for themselves, can only make the process worse.

The BIOClean Team approaches it like this, it’s a difficult, often terrible time for the people we help, all we want is to make it easier. That’s why we go above and beyond, to ensure that the problems are addressed. We talked about the process of choosing a restoration company last time on the blog, and should you ever need it we hope you give us a call. Our owner Stacy Houston has over 10 years of experience as a registered nurse in addition to the years with The BIOClean Team and her empathy and passion for service and truly helping people shines through in everything The BIOClean Team does. That’s a factor that other restoration companies just can’t match.