Biohazard Cleanup In San Diego & Southern California

Thinking of calling a cheap handyman to fix an odor problem? Not so fast . . . You may need to call us for biohazard cleanup in San Diego or anywhere else in Southern California.

All too often, a property owner comes across a situation where either a family member or tenant has left the place in a state of disaster. Property damage and remediation may not just be dependent on the physical items left inside. One may think damage is relative to broken appliances, holes in walls, piles of junk or leftover trash, when the true problem is a lingering smell or odor that easily could pose a health risk.

So wait . . . sniff, sniff . . . WHAT IS THAT SMELL?

It’s not always easy for sellers, owners, or managers to identify smells that might be problematic. All too often we come in after a “cleaning service” has tried to wipe down walls and surfaces, painted over problem areas, and possibly even replaced carpet in the space to no avail. This is financially draining for the owner because he or she essentially has to pay twice to resolve the problem. Our biohazard cleanup technicians are IIRC certified odor technicians. They have been trained on technical odor identification and remediation using the proper techniques and treatment options based on the source.

We bid and remediate approximately 2-4 odor jobs per week and typically, we have to undo what a cleaning service or handyman has done, and then provide protocol remediation services. Biohazard cleanup in San Diego and Southern California isn’t just a thorough cleaning; it’s a scientific process that removes whatever toxins are causing an odor or bad smell, restoring the property to habitable condition.

There will ALWAYS be a lingering odor if you do not TREAT the source.

The BIOClean Team can provide biohazard cleanup in San Diego and Southern California for any type of odor, including some of the following common odor issues.

Pet Odor
Cat urine crystalizes as it dries producing that pungent ammonia smell that stings your nostrils, burns your eyes, and can cause massive headaches. Cat urine can be as destructive as a plumbing leak, if not worse. Multiple cats in a space often become territorial and claustrophobic. They mark territory on ledges, corners, shelves or in and around furniture. While one cat can be damaging, a multi-cat hoarding home is devastating. Porous material such as drywall will absorb the urine and allow the urine to saturate beams and sill plates. Often, we have to remove drywall to the studs before finding the source and treating it with the proper chemicals. We will have to treat floors, studs, sills and remove anything that is too saturated to salvage. Over the counter cleaning supplies WILL NOT clean cat or dog urine or remediate that odor.

Tobacco Odor
Nicotine from cigarettes and cigars coats everything in an oily layer of yellow tinge. The smell will linger in air vents, drywall, any porous surfaces (couches, carpets, drapes, clothing, pillows, etc.). Items must be removed and treatable areas must be treated with the approbate remediation technique. Over the counter cleaning supplies will not remove tobacco stains or smell. Paint will not cover up tobacco odor.

Decomposition or Traumatic Death
Obviously, this is a traumatic issue, but it is one we handle many times throughout the year. When a body decomposes the cells start to burst and leak interstitial fluid from the corpse. Humans have more than ten gallons of liquid in their body, so slowly seeping this ten gallons of fluids, blood, and lipids into the surrounding areas where the body lies is significantly damaging.

The BIOClean Team is held to the highest standards as certified trauma scene practitioners, our technicians are trained to identify all sources of contamination, provide treatment with a three-tiered chemical system, and fully remediate any biohazards.

Once the source is removed and properly decontaminated, our technicians then go about tracking down malodor in any lingering porous materials, air vents, and other possible contaminates. Fly regurgitates are especially common in a prolonged undiscovered death scene and can contaminate areas that may not be considered part of a hot zone.

As the property owner, or representative, your main priority is to get your unit turned over, rented or sold. As the main home owner, your priority is to return to a habitable living condition. In order to obtain a competitive offer or market value rents, you should consider a biohazard cleanup and odor remediation as a significant return on investment. While you may spend several hundred dollars on odor remediation and biohazard cleanup, the increase in property value or rent value you may receive will be well worth the cleanup expense.

The BIOClean Team performs major cleanups and post-disaster restorations of residential and commercial properties, and we handle biohazard cleanup in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties, including Palm Springs. We have completed hundreds of remediations and there is no job too small or too large. Our owner, a registered nurse, is a problem solver and loves challenges. The BIOClean Team’s IICRC and OSHA-certified technicians have more than ten years of experience in odor remediation, biohazard cleanup, waste management, trauma scene management and medical waste management. If you need biohazard cleanup anywhere in Southern California, you can call on us 24/7/365.