Who Chooses The Restoration Company?

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Question: When dealing with Property Damage due to Biohazards (blood, feces, bodily fluids), Water Damage, Fire, or Mold, who gets to hire the restoration company? Does the insurance choose or does the insured? Answer:  The insured!!! Everything to Know About Property Claims and Hiring the Remediation Company When making a claim most property owners are […]



Traumatic Incidents can happen anytime, even to the most attentive. If part of a traumatic incident, whether it be in your residence, place of business, or at a mass trauma scene, there are a few things to be aware of for the most positive outcome in a blood cleanup scenario. First, and foremost, the attention […]

Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes? The BIOClean Team!


Crime is never a pleasant experience, and certainly rarely simple and clean. The effects linger. After the police, investigators, and anyone else have walked amongst the debris, it remains. Broken glass, doors, blood, and who knows what else. The havoc crime wreaks as it stampedes through our daily lives can be overwhelming, and oftentimes traumatic, […]

BIOClean Team How To: Hoarder Cleanup


Dealing with a home or apartment that has succumbed to immense clutter can be challenging on many levels. Typically there are various compounding reasons that led to the point that space presents as now. Unraveling these issues is a complex process if the resident is to remain in the home. If however, the property has […]

BIOcleanteam what is a biohazard

What is a Biohazard Anyway?


One of the great services The BIOClean Team offers our clients is handling biohazardous waste disposal. We get plenty of calls from folks who call for help and don’t realize that that’s what they need! Turns out most people who don’t work in full hazmat suits are a little unsure about the whole biohazard thing. […]

Sewage Backup Cleanup and What Water to Worry About


Although any water leak can be exponentially damaging to surrounding property, water from sewer system backups should be considered especially dangerous.  This type of contaminated water is a haven for pathogens that can cause serious illness. The most common pathogen found in wastewater is Salmonella. However, there are many other viruses and bacteria harmful to human health, such as […]

Crime Scene & Biohazard Cleanup: Tear Gas Removal


When it comes to crime scene cleanup in Los Angeles and Southern California, tear gas cleanups can be some of the most complex situations. The property damage resulting from tear gas can pose a structural maintenance nightmare, second only to drug lab remediation and large-scale abatements such as animal hoarding cleanups. As crime scene cleanup […]