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Meth Cleanup Standards


Cleaning up the worst of the worst is kind of our bread and butter here at The BIOClean Team. Whether they’re after deaths, crimes, hoarding, or doing meth cleanup work, we do it all to our own high standards. Many of these have regulatory standards either state or federal that they must meet for the […]

Who Chooses The Restoration Company?


Question: When dealing with Property Damage due to Biohazards (blood, feces, bodily fluids), Water Damage, Fire, or Mold, who gets to hire the restoration company? Does the insurance choose or does the insured? Answer:  The insured!!! Everything to Know About Property Claims and Hiring the Remediation Company When making a claim most property owners are […]



Traumatic Incidents can happen anytime, even to the most attentive. If part of a traumatic incident, whether it be in your residence, place of business, or at a mass trauma scene, there are a few things to be aware of for the most positive outcome in a blood cleanup scenario. First, and foremost, the attention […]