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When you refer your customers to The BIOClean Team, you can be sure they will receive fast emergency recovery response from the experts in handling commercial losses. We understand that it’s essential for commercial policyholders to return to “business as usual” as soon as possible. Because we know time is of the essence, we are ready to take action 24/7/365. Our highly experienced teams work diligently to provide your commercial policyholders fast, effective BIOHazard restoration services helping to reduce business interruption.
Helping You Help Your CustomersWhen the unexpected happens, the experts at The BIOClean Team are ready to get your policyholders’ lives back to normal. Whether the problem is blood, decomposition, accidental death, hoarding clutter, animal waste, human waste, gross filth, odor, or water damage, we solve residential disasters quickly. We understand that suffering a loss may be a first for your policyholders and something they may experience only once in a lifetime. That’s why we guide your client throughout the process and keep your policyholder informed every step of the way with real-time updates, honest and open communication, and clear solutions.

We’re focused on the family as much as the cleaning

The Bioclean Team will work directly with your insurance company to get the cleanup handled in a prompt and efficient manner. We specialize in all types of blood-related cleanup, including:


You’ll receive an empathetic approach to cleaning that helps your family first. Contact The Bioclean Team for forensic cleanups in Southern California area.

We’ll help you through your situation

The owner of The Bioclean Team has been a nurse for 10 years. When you’re dealing with the grief and aftermath of a horrible situation, the last thing you’re worried about is having to clean. We’ve worked with victims and families through all types of crisis and hazardous waste situations in the emergency room and private settings.

Get reliable service from a team that cares by contacting The Bioclean Team today.

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