What’s Needed For Car Accident Cleanup!

Ever get stuck in a traffic jam, and after waiting twenty minutes you come up to see the source of the problem – an accident. Whether a small fender bender or something more serious, car accidents leave plenty of wreckage. Ever wonder who takes care of the leftover debris, smashed glass, and spilt fluids? That’s  what this blog is all about! This time on The BioClean Team blog we are looking at car accident cleanup!

The world is full of messes, and we’re here to help clean them up! Whether it’s meth labs (link) or human feces (link) we know the importance of proper cleaning procedures. When it comes to car accident cleanup, there are a few different steps and groups responsible.

Car Accident Cleanup

First Responders

When an accident happens, police and/or fire departments are first on the scene making sure everyone is alright and getting them the emergency help they need. Part of that is also about maintaining the order of the traffic space, getting the road blocked off if necessary and rerouting traffic. Depending on the severity of the accident, they may be able to move any larger pieces of debris from the roadway.  In the case of more severe car accidents, cleanup will be managed by a tow company. 

The Tow Company

Police departments typically maintain a contract with tow companies to ensure they have the needed manpower to help clean up after significant accidents. When vehicles are so damaged they can’t be driven away or easily maneuvered, that’s when the tow crew comes in. They have the tools necessary to move the large wreckage, any of the loose debris, and spilled fluids. They carry a material that they can spread out to absorb the harmful liquids and make clean up much easier, it’s like kitty litter on steroids.

With these in hand they use their trucks winches to get the wreckage pulled up off the road, the larger pieces of debris moved, sweep up glass and other smaller particles and lay down the mix to clean up spills. If the accident ended with just vehicle damage, then that’s settled (at least until time for repairs.) If however, the accident caused more harm to the people inside than the car itself, you’ll need to look elsewhere for cleanup support.


What Comes Next?car accident cleanup necessary, car with biohazard material in it

Sometimes, an accident leaves the vehicle in a condition that a simple trip to the body shop won’t fix. We are talking about any accident (or any reason) that might leave the interior of the vehicle a potential biohazard. That’s where companies like the BIOClean Team can help! Whether a private or emergency vehicle, the BIOClean Team takes care of everything! We deodorize and decontaminate the vehicle, removing all trace of debris and odors. Using the proper EPA-approved cleaning agents, disinfectants and solvents, the BIOClean Team takes care to clean every area affected directly, and those that may have unknowingly been cross-contaminated.

So, who cleans up after car accidents? It all depends on the severity, the situation and what kind of clean up is necessary! If it’s an instance where there is not need for police assistance, it is up to the owners of the vehicles to pick up their debris (though they may not realize it!) In those cases it is up to city services to head out and take care of the cleanup.

Do you have a vehicle that is in need of remediation? Exposure to bodily fluids ruined your car’s carpet and cushions? You need a professional to decontaminate and deodorize! Give us a call and see what The BIOClean Team can do for you!